Union First Line Index of English Verse

13th-19th Century (bulk 1500-1800)

First Line: Old and abandoned by each venal friend 
Author (Last name, First): Gray, Thomas 
Title: `On Lord Holland' [1766; pr Gentleman's Magazine, 1777] 
First Line (Transcribed):  
Second Line:  
Last Line: And foxes stunk and littered in St. Paul's. 
Library: Bod 
Shelfmark: Eng. poet. c. 6 
Folio: f. 92 
Ref Nbr: Crum O1000 
Number of Lines:  
Verse/Stanza Form:  
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Publication Title:  
Publication Date:  
Musical Settings:  
Names Mentioned: Holland, Henry Fox, Baron H. of Foxley (1766) 
Other Names: